The Best Worst Actress

PROBLEM: A likeable  A-list star is the odds-on favourite for the Best Actress Oscar at the upcoming Academy Awards. However, she also appears to be the front-runner for the Worst Actress award, to be given out at the Razzie Awards on the night before the Oscar ceremony. Even more dubious, she could become the first performer to win an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year.

CASE STUDY: Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock was on a hot streak in 2009 with her summer hit  The Proposal and her fall smash The Blind Side. The latter film was also earning her some of the best accolades of her career. Nothing could stop her momentum as she became the one to beat for that year’s Best Actress Oscar.

Well, almost nothing. Released in between her two hits was another Bullock film – All About Steve. The oddball comedy didn’t catch on with critics or moviegoers. It did, however, grab the attention of the Golden Raspberry Foundation, who “dishonour” the worst in films each year with their Razzie Awards. And thus, on the eve of winning the Oscar for Best Actress,  Bullock was bestowed with the Razzie for Worst Actress.


SOLUTION: Be a good sport. Like, a REALLY good sport.

Understandably, Razzie recipients very rarely show up to receive their awards in person. So imagine how the heads turned when Bullock not only showed up to the ceremony to claim her award, but did so while pulling a wagon full of All About Steve dvds to give out to the audience. And just to show how game she was, Bullock brought along the shooting script for the film and offered to do line readings from the awards podium.

RESULT: Award-worthy success. Bullock’s appearance was PR gold and her good-natured handling of the situation only seemed to reinforce what so many people like about her – which Razzie founder John Wilson summed up pretty well after Bullock’s appearance:

 “If you are going to win a Razzie, then that’s the way to do it and have fun with it. I wish there were more people with that combination of self-deprecation and guts.”